Prints and more prints

I have 3 standard sizes available (8''x10'', 11''x14'', 16''x20'') but I can easily have a custom print made in any size

new prints

I finally got a few of my paintings scanned and printed on high quality thick german etching paper. They look soooo good! Just like the original.

 More to come soon...

Drawing and Painting on Paper

I've started working on paper.  I was using oil sticks but in the last few drawings, I've switched to a paintbrush and paint on paper. 

I'm loving the size I'm working on.  I'm slowly trying to work on larger surfaces again.  And it's nice working on paper, because that added bulk isn't there.  It's much easier for storage.

✧✧ summer summer summer ✧✧

Summer is here and my little mountains are back!